Intuitive Flow

Welcome to this lunar cycle journey, into living life from your Intuition – so that you can make decisions and live a life from your soul (even during a global pandemic).

Your intuition is simply a part of your intelligence, that you may not have developed as strongly as the rational due to the dominant culture we live in. This journey offers a potent and divine reclaiming of the access and trust of this wisdom that exists in you.

For those of you that have Amisha’s book Intuition, this will take you deeper into the practices and principles so that you can cultivate a stronger relationship with your intuition. One of the questions that Amisha is always asked is how do you actually live from your intuition in amongst all of life’s other responsibilities and happenings. How do you trust in your intuition and actually live from that wisdom? How do you release all of the other noise?

Themes include:

  • How to work with a lunar cycle to create a deeper relationship with your inner world
  • How to make a decision clearly and in tune with your inner wisdom
  • How to create enough space to really listen
  • How to trust your intuition (and not follow your ego or wishful thinking)
  • How to create a working relationship with your intuitive intelligence and rational intelligence
  • How to expand your field of reality
  • How to live in “flow consciousness”
  • How to let go of insecurities and second guessing yourself
  • How to work with pendulums, talisman and adornment to strengthen Intuition

More than what this course will show you how to do, it will invite you into a deep remembering of your own power. Of what is possible for you, to see wider and deeper than this reality, to let go of the stories of this dominant culture and come into relationship with your true intelligence. This journey was open to all, but the first to join were all women and so listening to this, the container is now open to all who identify as womxn so that we can go deeper into the work of womb wisdom, the priestess and the reclaiming of our feminine intelligence.

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