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The Workbook Copy



In this workbook, I have included as much information as possible to really set up your days to be beautiful and support you in coming into a healthy, thriving version of yourself. 

Please download this workbook and either print it out to write in it directly – or write notes on your computer or in your notebook. 

Make your way through everything and come up with rituals that you feel happy with. 


(Feel free to share in the discussion area any lightbulb moments that come from this!)  

For a print high res version 

Links from the resources section:

If you want support in Planting Seeds – knowing what seeds to plant (and clearing trauma patterns in the sub-conscious), this is what I do in my Intuitive Therapy sessions (they are £80 an hour and can take place on video call) 

We also do this in the Presence Mentoring Programme, as well as go through this whole process of creating rituals together, you can join the mentoring programme or book a wellbeing consultation if you want one on one support in the process this workbook outlines.