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The Key To Everything Copy

(artwork by Mama Xanadu – Jemma Foster)

I want to add a note here, to say – it’s not all about what you do – but it’s about the way you do it. 

You can find that you go through life with all the right habits and rituals – but nothing happens, nothing feels like it’s opening up, like it’s alive. 

For me this is the key shift – when these rituals have some real gold in them – they are alive, awake and infused with love. 

So the way you drink a cup of tea becomes a ceremony – you feel the reverence in it – the joy of being alive. 

I think I said this somewhere, on a call and in the workbook – but I want to highlight it – as this is the key to everything. 

You can drink 5 whiskeys and smoke cigarettes in a way where you feel connected and alive, and likewise you can meditate every day and cut back on sugar and drink lemon water and still feel dense. 

It’s your intention that you have the most control over. In a way the only thing – so make this your ritual. Live with the understanding that this life is sacred.