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The Eleven Practices Copy

The Eleven Practices

The Practices:

(Don’t feel you have to do all of them! Do what feels right for you) 

1 – Write your apology to the earth. (You can read Eve Ensler’s here)

2 – Feel your emotions and transform them into action through dance or movement so you can get yourself into a state where you can be of service. 

3 – Give back to the earth, creating a reciprocal relationship with the earth (eg through blood, tears, emotions)

4 – Use the energetic practice where you can give to the earth and be charged up by the sun

5 – Create a Ritual for the earth and your greif. See separate lesson for a guideline that you can use – but of course make your own. 

6 – The Work That Reconnects Spiral (see separate lesson) 

7 – The Four R’s of Deep Adaptation (see resources) 

8 – Learn how to work with the earth practically through growing vegetables, permaculture (see resources)

9 – Become an activist that protects indigenous rights and the people on the front lines 

10 – Keep doing your inner work such as the practices we have shared here, and look deeper into your sub-conscious patterning and see what is being triggered that you can transform to make you more resilient to this time (you can find out more about doing a session with me here)

11 – Host a grief circle (see guide in resources)