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Soul Radiance: Lakshmi Myth, Mantra and Yoga Asana Copy

This is one of my favourite myths, and this recording is from one of my retreats in India where you can hear the waves in the background. 

If you are new to Goddess Lakshmi, she is often thought of as the goddess of money. And whilst she is abundance, she isn’t that new age I am going to chant for a new car and a hot boyfriend kind of abundance. The abundance that she wakes up inside us, is that of our deepest soul radiance. She teaches us to bring our whole self home. If we can unite the parts of our self we have cast out with the parts that we know are love, we can find more abundance, magic and unconditional love within ourselves and in our lives than we can imagine is possible…

With Lakshmi, everything is welcome, and our wholeness becomes our power, the unseen magic behind everything we do. Sharing yoga through myth and the deities is one of my favourite ways to teach yoga. 

The above photo was from The Spiritual Playground, an interactive space led by Shesus, with a troupe of deities and belief systems including two Sisters, Merlin-Ji the mixed race medicine man, Buddha, The American Dream, Hanuman, Captain Lavender, Glutan the antichrist, Father Christmas, Yoni and Lingham. Over the days we dance, we laugh, we pray. We chant beyonce mantras at Praise Be to Bey, marry people through our weddings, and party at sunset with Shesus is a DJ. Words can’t explain it. I used to be part of this at Secret Garden Party.

The below image is made by Cosmic Collage.

I have recorded the story of Lakshmi, with the mantra – Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyai Swaha, which you can download and listen to. And there is also a 90 mins asana class that you can do at home with me.

You can download this to use this at your leisure.