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Resources Copy

(This will be filled out in more detail by the end of Wednesday 23rd) 

Podcast Interviews to listen to:

Erena Rangimarie Rereomaki Rhöse –

Jyoti –

Brother Phap Linh –

Jem Bendell –

Polly Higgins – 


Deep Adaptation 4 R’s 

(blog by one of our member’s Kim Hare who also is hosting retreats on this topic called The Edge) 


Host a Grief Circle 

(guide written by one of our member’s Ratna Shah) 

Grief Circle Guidelines.pdf


Permaculture & Veg Growing 

Reach out to member Mark Ridsdill Smith about growing veggies –

Reach out to our member Eva Gettvertova who is exploring permaculture and hosting yoga & permaculture retreats 

Starhawk –


Other Resources

Bioneers –

Eve Ensler –

Treesisters –