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Here are some resources that you can explore to go deeper into these cycles: 


Podcast Episodes on The Future Is Beautiful 

Anna Murray –

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli –

Boe Huntress –



1) Sleep Cycles

Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker paperback

Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker audiobook

2) Sun Cycles

3) Lunar Cycles

Moonology, Yasmin Bolard 

For lunar astrology readings –

4) Menstrual Cycles

Wild Power, Alexandra Pope paperback

Wild Power, Alexandra Pope audiobook 

Yoni Shakti, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 

Woman Code, Alissa Vitti

MyFlo App

Clue App

5) Seasons and Pagan Wheel of Life

The Earths Cycles of Celebration, Glennie Kindred

Earth Wisdom, Glennie Kindred 

6) Cycles of Life

(For women – menstrual cycle books also cover this) 

Another way to approach this is to get Vedic or Western Astrological readings so that you can chart where you are on in your life, and get a map that supports you in understanding what each stage of your own life is about. 

Anand talks about this from a vedic perspective here –