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1) List out the complexities which make it difficult for you to act and know what to do. When you have your list of what you struggle to make sense of – share them in our community space. 

2) Bring awareness to your reactivity and your ability to be centered, strong and resilient. Refer to the Cultivating Presence Meditation (22mins) in the Meditation course here, or the Rituals for a Beautiful Morning Meditation (17 mins) in the Rituals for Wellbeing course. Both of these can also be found on my page on Insight Timer

3) How can you engage with the darkness in the world from a resourced place? 

4) What do you know about your soul journey – why you are here and what your life is about? 

5) What is your vision for a beautiful future? Refer to our book and do our visualisation exercise. (see separate lesson for the visualisation) 

6) When you find your vision of the future you choose or what breaks your heart – then use this as a clear guide to what you will get involved with. Go deep here. And know you can hold the rest whole in your inner world as your heart and field expands. With this also have boundaries that are clear so that you don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out. Keep it simple. 

7) Believe in yourself and be curious and open to learn more.

8) What are your core values? 

9) Use your voice and your social media to bring awareness and make a difference.

10) Check your ego – where can you find more humility and love to power what you are doing. Remember the Durga myth (E79 of the podcast). Keep doing your inner work and shadow work so you are coming from as cleaner place as possible. What limiting beliefs and emotional patterns are holding you back? 

11) What does it mean to you to allow your heart to keep breaking open as a means of expanding your capacity for love? 

12) Be smart but follow your heart – how can you give more to the people in your world? Giving away 10% of what you earn. Look around you for who you come into contact with who could benefit from your time, money or energy. You write the rules, especially it terms of your service. 

13) Have a practice that you love that is your refuge, your way of recharging, your development of yourself and your inner world, the balance of your nervous system, the activation of inner power, the expansion of your heart.. 




If you want to do a private session with me, or join my leadership mentoring programme, you can find info here. 

The Good Place (on Netflix) 

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Books that you might want to read:

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible – Charles Eisenstein

The Future Is Beautiful – Amisha Ghadiali & Many Others

A New Republic of The Heart – Terry Patten

Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership – Nina Simons

Saving Grace – Andrew Harvey