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Love in the time of Corona Copy

Hello Dear Ones, 

Please use this page to share the most useful resources that you have for this Corona time. This can be poems or links about Corona. Anything that you have found useful information or particularly soothing. 

I feel it’s better not to do it on the what’s app – as we can keep that a space for the feels rather than the information. 

My thoughts of putting it in this post – is that then if you want to watch videos/read resources about corona – you can find them when you want them – rather then them just coming up in your feed.

It feels helpful to have a central place of things that are interesting, inspiring, helpful

I will be adding some of my favourite videos i have found there – pop a note with it on what it’s about – and why you find it interesting – so people know what they are getting themselves in for!

Please do add to this. 

Love Amisha 

ps. in your settings, you can add a profile photo