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Ganesha Vakratunda

Ganesh is also a symbol of new beginnings and is perfect to tune into at the start of a practice. Translation: O god with the curved trunk and massive body, with the radiance of ten million suns, make me free of obstacles in all my endeavors at all times.

Sanskrit: Vakra-tunda maha-kaya surya-koti-samaprabhah Nirvighnam kuru me deva sarva-karyeshu sarvada

On insight timer here – https://insighttimer.com/amisha/guided-meditations/mantra-ganesha-vakratunda


Mahāmŗtunjaya Mantra
This is a powerful mantra for cycles of death and rebirth, chronic illness. 
Om tryambakam yajāmahe
Sugandhim pushti-vardhanam 
Urvārukamiva bandhanān
Mŗtyor mukshīya māmŗtŗāt 
“Yes. We worship the One with three eyes ( Will, Knowledge and Action), fragrant (with the fragrance of the 
innermost Self), granting ever greater increase. As the cucumber is severed from the vine, may we be liberated 
from fear of death, and not ever separated from the unending nectar (of Being)
This mantra connects you to the fullness of your true nature. A celebration of the ever-present bliss. Translation: Totally full with the bliss of conduct that is aligned with my true nature. My real nature is Divine. My essence is eternal joy. My real nature is always contented with what is.
Sanskrit: Saccharananda-para-purnam Shivo’ham Shivo’ham Nityananda-svarupa Shivo’ham Shivo’ham Anando’ham, Anando’ham, Anando’ham, Anando’ham