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How to prepare for a session Copy

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Before your appointment, please fill in this new client form, unless we have had a session before. 

We each have an endless amount of material to work with in our sub-conscious. It is good to guide the sessions by coming with something that you feel in your conscious mind you are ready to release and make the shifts with. What is present for you right now that you feel ready to shift? 

We can then go into the energetic root of this. It can be anything from a specific pattern you experience showing up in your life over and over again, to a general feeling of depression or anxiety. 

Please plan for some space after your session so that you can quietly integrate what we have done and not have to rush into something else. You may feel very energised or you may feel like you need to lie down and rest. Either way it is good to give yourself time and space in quiet slowness. I recommend you have at least 15 mins to yourself immediately after and make as much space that evening as possible to rest. 

Find a place that is nice and quiet. We will talk and then you may want to lie down or sit back and be supported by cushions when we do the energy work. A bed can work well as a place for the sessions or a very comfy sofa. Make sure that the people around you know not to disturb you and the notifications on your device that we speak through are turned off. 

After the session:

I will send you some aftercare so that you can know how best to integrate what we do in the session.

Please give yourself space directly after – keep as much of the rest of the day free as possible – so at least you are not running around. 

If you can, have the evening free from needing to work or socialise.

Immediately after the session, it’s wonderful if you can go outside and walk around in nature, sit in your garden or park, be with a tree, look up at the sky.

You may feel tired and that you want to rest, or you may feel very energised and creative. Either way, it’s really nourishing if you can have this time for yourself.


Call Details: 
If you have not used zoom before, please download it prior to our call as it takes a moment to install and set up the first time. We can also use FaceTime or Skype if any issues. 

Unless otherwise arranged, the zoom link is –

Video & Podcast:
Here is a short video where I explain more about the process (I recommend watching this), and you can listen to this podcast episode too for more on my story and how the work came about.