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Discussion Groups and Links Copy

Discussion Groups and Links

Signal group

Join the signal group here with this link – please introduce yourself when you arrive. (Signal is like whats app but more secure so you can get this on any device). 


Group Calls – Video Circles 

These will be recorded and shared in our resources library if you can’t make the actual call. I will play around with timezones too once I see who is here. You can share/ask anything on these calls, it doesn’t have to be around the theme. You can find the videos in the Collective Calls area, and the dates and calendar invites are in the weekly emails (and also in the Collective Calls area). If you can’t make the calls, you are welcome to email me with a question you would like answered. These calls are spaces to ask me anything about the material in the workshops or anything arising, and also we have this space to check in – share what is present for you. 


Video Call Beautiful Practice 

Hosting a great community video call is a bit of an art form. As we want them to be special experiences and also we want them to keep the energy, and be useful for those when they watch them back. Here are some guidelines to really show up and make these calls as beautiful as possible. They are the similar guidelines to if you were showing up to a yoga workshop in real life, but with extra tips for the digital world. We are co-creating sacred space. 

– please sit somewhere quiet and show up and set up 5 mins before the call time

– wear headphones (ideally with a little microphone like you might use for phone calls). it helps the quality of the call 

– please mute yourself when not speaking (unless the host has unmuted everyone) 

– Keep your video on. Signals that you are listening and attentive to the group. If you need to go off video for some reason, let others know why (do this in the chat rather than interrupting the flow of the conversation) 

– we start these calls in silence where everyone is muted and we go into meditation to make this a sacred space

– please only speak when invited by the host to make the flow of the conversation work. 

– consider what you are saying and what you are adding to the conversation as this is a sacred space – are you speaking just to fill a pause or is it adding something? speak when you are invited to speak and otherwise use the chat box (more like when you are in a class or workshop rather than when you are chatting to a friend)

– when we check in, the question is “what is present for you?” please answer with your heart and share what is alive for you, what are you feeling, where do you feel supported, where do you need support, what’s inspiring you etc. 

– on zoom you can click on gallery view where you see everyone’s faces, if you hover your mouse on the screen – everyone’s names come up so you can find a name to pass it on

– we take a pause and a three breaths between each person’s share as a way of fully receiving it before we move on. 

– if you are late arriving or need to leave early – don’t worry but please don’t interrupt the conversation to explain and give your reasons. either just leave or use the chat box feature in zoom. 

– If you are feeling confused, have a question or have something to add – use the chat box or send a chat message to amisha directly (you can send messages to everyone and to individuals privately) 

– Use non-verbal signalling, for example we touch our hearts when we feel what the other is saying, we do namaste as a thank you, and we can do jazz hands to be in excited agreement. 

– Use the chat box to add links, names, songs or references you mention that others may be interested in. I will then add them to the video so we can easily find them. 


Insight Timer

Also I have made a group on insight timer so you can see when others meditate at the same time as you from Presence Collective. 

To join this, go to Insight Timer and search for the group and then request to be added. 



Try and say hi in the groups but I do understand that some are natural lurkers – and enjoy receiving the information and being part of something but not sharing too much. So don’t worry, and enjoy being here. And if you are a natural sharer or drawn to share and ask questions, just know that you are doing it for everyone – and often what you ask or share will be what others need to here – so thank you in advance! 

For those of you that don’t want to join the groups and calls that is also totally fine – and you can enjoy the themes and work through it in your own time. 


Discussion on here

On many of the posts you can comment and discuss after you have watched a video – feel free to share if it was helpful or any other insights it led to for you as well as any feedback that can make it better. 


Why What’s App

After sharing in my newsletter a poll of different options of how to host the part where we discuss and share with each other, a what’s app group had the most votes. 

The other options were a facebook group, an online forum or a bespoke social network with profiles.

We will start with the what’s app type group – and move into a social network if it feels right down the line. 

I will also do my best to share the most interesting links in our Resources Library. I wanted to use signal which is more private but they don’t have a joining link. I heard what’s app will have ads by 2020, so we will find something better by then…. 

It will be interesting to see how this part of the collective is used – and that will help determine what we do next. 


A note on Sensitivity 

Please do remember the community agreements when participating in discussions in the collective. If you are here to check it out – I would recommend you focus on the learning modules rather than the whats app group and the video call recordings to protect the sensitivity of sharing here. If you are feeling committed to the community aspect of this – please do join in, introduce yourself and share.