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Community Agreements Copy

Here are our community agreements for Presence Collective:

With our personal practices:

* I am here to strengthen my relationship with ourself and find the right amount of time to give to this course 

* I will not feel pressured to do everything but instead feel good about using what feels right at the time (this might be keeping up with the monthly themes or it might be visiting a theme that’s more appropriate for what is happening in my life) 

* I won’t use this course as an excuse to feel guilt and bad about myself if I can’t do everything but instead as a place to develop great trust with myself and my needs and what doing my best means to me 

* We commit to doing our best, and being honest with ourselves and each other 


In our group spaces: (inspired by Off the Mat and into the World) 

* We take a breath before we respond to anything 

* We communicate using “I” statements as we take personal responsibility for what we share (rather than say “you feel” or “people feel”). It’s also great not to say you when you are talking about somebody in particular but he/she. 

* We make room and are respectful of different people’s perspectives and centre kindness for ourself and others

* We practice confidentiality and don’t share any experiences of anyone in this group with other people without prior consent. The stories stay here, but the learning leaves and goes with us into our lives

* We balance self care and community care – especially when working with our partner in presence

* We strive for this to be an anti-oppressive space where we are conscientious of points of privilege and power dynamics that exist between us 


We follow The Way of Council too: (Developed at the Ojai Foundation & popularised in a book by Zimmerman & Coyle) 

The Way of Council has Four Intentions:

* Speak from the Heart

Speak honestly, openly and from a feeling place as well as from practical or intellectual perspectives. Speaking may also mean dancing, breathing, drawing or otherwise communicating.

* Listen from the Heart

Listen actively, listen for feelings as well as content, listen with your full presence and attention, and listen with compassion.

* Be Succinct

Say what you wish to say briefly. Be conscious of how much time you are taking up, and leave time for others to speak.

* Be Spontaneous

Don’t preplan your statements or marshal your arguments. Let thoughts and feelings arise in the moment, and respond to what is in the room.


Feel free to comment underneath if you want to add or edit anything here. Or share a comment that everyone will see. 


A note on consent and taking responsibility for yourself

By participating in this course, you hereby agree to abide by our Disclaimer and Informed Consent Policy, which is in place for your protection above all else. This is a standard agreement used by thousands of health professionals, psychologists, therapists and inner work facilitators worldwide to make sure you understand what’s involved and that is also required by some government departments in accordance with best practice standards for this kind of personal development training.

The information and resources I share in this program are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you are being treated for any serious illness or chronic health condition or suspect you may be pregnant, we recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplements, medicines or healing technologies. 

If you have any serious mental health conditions, please use the information shared here in addition to adequate support from a Therapist or Doctor. 

All the information shared in this course is for personal use only and is intended to be used with the guidance and support offered in this program and/or with the oversight of a qualified healthcare professional. We ask you to please respect the integrity of this container and not share this document with those not currently enrolled in the program. 

Everything I am sharing in this programme is something I have experience with and is safe to my knowledge – however we all have different reactions to different practices and therefore must be aware and diligent to our own needs and our own reactions. 


A note on Sensitivity 

As this is an online space – for the whats app group and the video calls we want to create a safe space. Please do remember the community agreements when participating in discussions in the collective. If you are here to check it out – I would recommend you focus on the learning modules rather than the whats app group and the video call recordings to protect the sensitivity of sharing here. If you are feeling committed to the community aspect of this – please do join in, introduce yourself and share.