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Breath as Lifeforce Workshop Copy

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If you are pregnant read this before you watch the video

In this workshop we explore breath as life-force:

Prana = lifeforce, yama = to retain, ayama = to extend. 
I share how pranayama works, and how to use it. 
*** I checked and it’s better not to do breath retention (as well as breath of fire) when pregnant. If you are pregnant you can do all the techniques but modify to no short sharp breaths and no holding the breath in or out. Keep it flowing for your baby. *** 
The 9 pranayamas we do are:
  1. Slow conscious breath
  2. In for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold out for 4
  3. Connected Breath
  4. Three Part Yogic Breath
  5. Kapalabhati – breath of fire – ego eradicator 
  6. Lion’s Breath
  7. Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing)
  8. Calm Heart Meditation 
  9. Breathe into top of head 
Enjoy and share in the comments and the chat group which ones are beneficial for you.
Thank you to West Lexham for this treehouse!