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Book a session & FAQ’s Copy

How to Book: 

* For online sessions – 
* For London sessions (currently not available) 
* For an energetic tune up – 
(if there are no dates available in the online sessions calendar, please email – as more dates and times can be opened up)
All members of Presence can get 5% off these sessions – when booking through the above links, use the coupon PRESENCE108 
What is the difference between online and in person sessions? 
The actual work is the same and has no less power whether in person or on the phone/skype. In fact energy work can be done no matter where in the world the two people are, it works beyond space and time. I can assure you that not being in the same place has no impact at all on my ability to read into your energy field and sub conscious or your ability to “feel” the session. There are benefits to both types of session. 
In person sessions give you an ‘experience’ of going somewhere, meeting me face to face and experiencing the smells, sounds etc of my sessions. They also give you the opportunity to go outside of your normal environments. But they can take up time with travel and mean that sometimes after you just want to rest and have to travel across a city. It’s always nice to meet in person. 
Online/phone sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home, so you can be comfortable and have everything you need. You don’t have to travel and so you can rest straight after – or stay in the meditation. They fit in more with daily life and so in a way can feel more integrated as they are in your own space. This also means that you can still have sessions when your routine is disputed which is often when you need them the most. With these sessions, clients often clear their schedule, make their space nice and quiet with candles and incense, and then they can drift into a deep meditation or rest afterwards. There is no better or worse. 
As a client and a therapist I enjoy both for different reasons. I personally work with a healer on the phone. 
How many sessions do I need? 
I don’t like to prescribe a number of sessions that you need because the subconscious is endless and it feels a bit salesey to me to say you need a certain number of sessions and then you will be healed. Through this work I want for you to create a stronger relationship with your intuition and feel into what you need. We can work with a lot in one session and likewise those who have regular sessions such as with the mentoring programme experience deep shifts. We can discuss on our first session what you want to get out of the work and feel into it together, but ultimately it is up to you. For most people this is an economic decision as the sessions always provide insight and healing. 
What length session should I book?
Again this is often more of an economic decision, but the longer the session the deeper we can go and the more issues we can work through. We talk for part of the session – and so with the 90 mins or two hour sessions, it means there is more time for the energy work. That said, one hour sessions are very expansive.
Options & Prices:
One Hour = £110
90 Mins = £165
Two Hours = £220 
Optional personalised guided meditation to support your integration = £25 
How do I prepare?
When you book a session, I send you notes both on how to prepare to get the most out of your session, and how to integrate the session afterwards. You can also choose to purchase a personalised guided meditation that I will record especially for you after the session to play each day of the integration time. I show you how to do this yourself without a recording – but some find it easier to have something to put on. 
What happens after?
When you book and after your session, I will share with you some aftercare with you that will support your integration process.  
What is Intuitive Therapy? 
Intuitive Therapy is a powerful tool which works on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. During one of my personal sessions we do a complete clearing of your energetic fields and balance the energy flow in your body. We go into the root cause of traumas, blockages & issues in your subconscious that are effecting you in the present and are ready to be released. We create new tools, re-wire your neural pathways and develop qualities within you to give you a fresher and more potent perspective on your self and your behaviour patterns. If we had “perfect childhoods” we would evolve all human qualities in equal measure, but as this isn’t possible there are some that we never establish within. For example if somebody has never known self-worth, it’s hard to just have it all of a sudden. We can read books, or do courses and find them helpful, but often the shifts don’t stay because there is no true inner reference point for this quality. A unique part of this work is finding and activating these dormant qualities as seeds that we plant that can then be grown and nurtured over the integration period, allowing us to live in more of our wholeness. Each session is completely different; please see testimonials online for insight into the experience. 
What kind of things can I come for?
I have worked with many different issues – the sessions are highly personalised. You can come for a session for any kind of issue you are experiencing – and we will work on the root cause. For example: anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, heartbreak, grief, eco-anxiety, decolonisation, high sensitivity, lack of self confidence/self worth, integration of intense spiritual experiences or simply wanting to experience more wonder, connect deeper with your intuition and embody more of your potential.
I have never done anything like this – is it scary/magic/strange? 
You don’t have to have done any prior energy work, just come with an open mind to learn a new way of relating to yourself. It’s very empowering – and my style is not to be a magic healer – but to guide you through a process that works with the natural intelligence of your consciousness. I believe in working in a way that is very collaborative and that encourages the awakening of your own sovereignty. 
For more information:
Here is a short video where I explain more about the process, and you can listen to this podcast episode too for more on my story and how the work came about.