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Presence Meditation 101

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Beautiful Morning Guided Meditation Copy

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Here is a guided meditation that will set you up for a beautiful day. 

This audio file has better sound than the video and you can download it to use as and when you like. 

You can also find this on Insight Timer

This includes:

  • Greeting the day
  • Connecting to your feelings and where you are
  • Presencing 
  • Mudras 
  • Heart Awareness and expansion 
  • Compassion and awareness of all living beings 
  • Pranayama (breathwork) 
  • Gratitude 
  • Offering of niggles/letting go 
  • Visioning the future (personal and collective) 
  • Visualising the day and connecting into flow 
  • Planting Seeds 
  • Connection to something bigger and blessing 

If you want support in Planting Seeds – knowing what seeds to plant (and clearing trauma patterns in the sub-conscious), this is what I do in my Intuitive Therapy sessions (they are £80 an hour and can take place on video call)