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Aftercare & Integration Copy

Below is some aftercare to support your integration of this precious work. Remember that this is most important part, as our old patterns and beliefs are sneaky and they don’t like change – and yet we always have the possibility to embody more of our true self.

Remember, you have let them go, and now your focus is on growing the new seeds. 

So send me a few sentences/paragraph within the next 24 hours which shares what you received in this session? This is to support you in anchoring the session into your consciousness. (This isn’t for a testimonial). It’s about what you experienced but more importantly what you learnt so that you can further embed this into your consciousness. Include what happened in the session, and what you walked away with having learnt about yourself and why these new seeds that you are choosing are important to you. See below for a framework you can use for this.

I highly recommend meditating with the seeds each day – you can use the mediations below for this.

And let me know if you need anything in the meantime.



(all artwork in this message is created by Cosmic Collage – By Lori Menna)

What to do after the session?:

The session is sowing the seeds to take you into a new state of being.

The real work is in the integration you do over the weeks following to strengthen the seeds we planted and reinforce the behaviour patterns within your consciousness. You can imagine this as the watering of the seeds we planted so they may grow into their full fruition – doing the daily practice that I showed you in the session. 


Immediately after the session:

* drink lots of water to flush out toxins (more than usual)

* have something sweet like a mint if you need to ground

* spend some time in nature – go outside and walk around or travel slowly – sit by a tree etc

* give your self space to write, create, integrate, rest 

* if you can have the evening free so you don’t have to socialise or work

* eat healthy nutritious food rich in protein

* a bath with epsom salts is always nice to help you detox and relax

* try and avoid drama, alcohol, crowds, caffeine

* pay attention to your dreams and inspiration

* believe that you have now cleared these old beliefs and planted these new seeds (don’t undermine your experience)

* don’t try and explain the session to anyone in your life straight away – especially if they are very rational. but even if they will understand, keep this for you until it has settled more

* write a summary of what you experienced in yourself in the session (and send it to me)

you can use this framework to describe the session:

I experienced…. (explain the sensations, visions, experience of the session)

I recognised and released…. (explain what pattens you let go of)

I opened up…. (explain what opened up here for you – the seeds that particularly resonated)

I learnt…. (explain what you learnt about yourself and/or energy)

I will…. (put into action your learnings into how you will personally integrate this session into your life)


Over the integration time:

* the main practice is to do as we did in the session – so you feel the seed with your inhale and expand it through with your exhale (remember this is about connecting to the energy and feeling the qualities expand through every cell of your being). 

* trust in the process

* remember you will have opportunities to grow the seed qualities and strengthen them through every cell of your body – life will give you these synchronicities

* you may be tested to see if you want these shifts to last, be aware and connected to your intention to grow – choose the new seeds over the old patterns – don’t react how you always have done in the past – you can choose something different

* feel free to call or write to me with any questions, especially if anything unusual happens

* you can use the “planting seeds meditation” or “rituals for a beautiful morning practice” daily or when feels right. the planting seeds one is 5 mins and has more space for seeds, the rituals one is more of a complete practice with many different aspects – you can find these on my Insight Timer page or through the free app (search for me on there). You can also download them through Presence Collective – Planting Seeds is in Presence Meditation, and Rituals for a Beautiful Morning is in Rituals for Wellbeing. 

* take care of yourself – meditate, be aware of energy, do yoga, exercise, limit alcohol, caffeine, heavy food etc

* find your own way extra ways to integrate the seeds this could include trusting in the opened awareness, saying them daily as affirmations such as I have ‘courage’, making a list or artwork from them and putting this somewhere where you see it every day to remind you such as your bathroom or your sacred space

* If you want me to record you a personalised guided meditation with your seeds for you to listen to over the integration period then let me know – this is £25

* if you like, set the date in your calendar for the end of the integration period I told you, and send me a note that day to let me know how you feel and what you have experienced

To Deepen Your Journey:

Presence Leadership Mentoring: This is a three month one to one programme which is a tailored journey for you where we do regular intuitive therapy sessions as well as sharing in guidance and resources to transform different areas of your life.

The Future Is Beautiful podcast: On my podcast we have some very inspiring episodes which you may find interesting and expansive! You can find it on itunes and spotify.

* Follow up sessions: You are welcome to book another session anytime if there are other issues you would like to clear. You can do this before the integration period for these is finished. We will work on new seeds – and the intelligence of your consciousness will make sure it’s the perfect timing and amount. Listen.