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A Grief Ritual for the Earth Copy

AGrief Ritual for the Earth – A Ceremony of Connection 

(feel free to follow this step by step or improvise with your own version as feels good for you)

* Prepare your apology and acknowledgement for the earth. Contemplate the ways that you have taken the earth for granted, been disrespectful, not fully acknowledged the power of the earth. 

* Collect some offerings to take for your ritual – this could include natural biodegradable offerings such as leaves, fruit, chocolate, spring water. If you are taking something from the earth to offer – ask for permission. 

* Gather your sacred objects for the ritual – maybe you will bring a candle, incense or a smudge stick, crystals, deities, photos of loved ones or other sacred objects. 

* Find a place in nature that is meaningful for you 

* Go to this place and set up your sacred alter with your offerings and sacred objects 

* Offer a song or some kind of opening (you can use any instruments you play also) 

* Offer deep gratitude for the earth and all she gives  

* Share your apology and acknowledgements 

* Allow for any grief or anger to be released into the earth 

* Give yourself time here to sit and meditate and listen

* Offer songs, blessings, dance, readings, anything from your heart 

* Close your ceremony with a song or sacred closing 

* Take your sacred objects and leave no trace (ie check for candle wax etc) 

* Choose where to leave your offerings