From Me to We Two Payments

£300.00 / month for 2 months

Full access to the six week learning journey.

This is for two instalments, one now and one in a month’s time.

Choose the pricing that suits you

FULL – £600/$780 (two payments of £300/$390)

SKY – £450/$585 (two payments of £225/$300)

EARTH – £300/$390 (two payments of £150/$200)

WATERS – £150/$200 (two payments of £75/$100)

By default you will pay Full, please enter in the relevant code at checkout for those prices – these are SKY*, EARTH*, WATERS*. Please note you need the * after the word to get the discount on both payments of the plan.

You receive:

6 speaker sessions

6 embodiment sessions

7 community salons

access to the app to connect with others

library to view everything in your own time

one months free ‘all that we are’ membership



Full access to our six week learning journey, from me to we.


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