How To Lead with Flow Creativity & Intuition During Times of Uncertainty.

Going through a process of awakening isn’t easy…it’s actually really messy. 

The process opens you up fully, sometimes breaking you apart and then putting you back together again. Each time as an upgraded version of you. 

 But it can be a challenge (to put it lightly) to stay the course alone…The good news is you don’t have to…

If you are a leader – a social entrepreneur, activist, teacher, facilitator, politician, parent, artist, innovator, disrupter, digital nomad, writer, healer, who is looking for the support and space to:

 ✔️ Explore the nuances. 

✔️ Come into deep relationship with your intuition and your creativity. 

✔️ Tap into the potential that is dormant inside of you. 

✔️ Be supported and accepted as who you are in this very moment before and during any of these shifts take place. 

✔️ Learn how to live from the heart. 

✔️ Transform patterns inside of you that you thought would not be possible. 

✔️ Become extraordinary.  


I want to invite you to apply to my 1:1 program, Presence Mentorship. 

Presence mentorship is a powerful one-to-one programme designed to assist you in creating space to show up for yourself each day and to facilitate the formation of lifelong habits that will support and nurture your inner and outer connections.

This is about listening to the voice of knowing inside of you, slowing down and being able to give to yourself and your community in a clear and conscious way.

Find your voice. 

Speak your truth. 

Embody your values.

Book your call here.

“I just finished a 6 month Leadership Mentoring Program with this passionate & radiant woman, Amisha Ghadiali. Words cannot describe the amazing experience I have had – truly. I have grown and found new parts of myself, found strength and power within I didn’t know was there. I have healed past wounds, and discovered new depths to my soul. I put in a lot of work and effort, and with her help and guidance I have grown so much. I’m so incredibly grateful I got to have this experience, and that I was able to go to India on her retreat and explore and grow even more.” “



I work with a very limited number of clients in Presence Mentoring for Leaders, so that you each get the right level of support and attention. Let’s have a conversation to see how I can support you for the next three months. Please click here to apply to join.