[FREE GUIDE] How to Lead with Flow, Creativity and Intuition During Times of Uncertainty

You’ll learn how to:

– Harness the power of your intuition and creativity to be a visionary in uncertain times

– Stop living in fear and bring your vision for what you know is truly possible into the world to make the impact you know is possible

– Inspire and uplift in these world changing times 

– Change your frequency to create your own reality, no matter how difficult things may appear on the outside
-Be a beacon of security and support to those who need it

About Amisha...

Amisha Ghadiali is an award-winning social entrepreneur whose career has included demanding roles in the political, sustainability and tech start-up worlds. She has combines managing a high pressure lifestyle with her deep knowledge of sustainable living, mindfulness and yoga.

Her experience in different industries makes it easy for her to connect to your daily world and bring that extra illumination which makes it all flow.

Her words have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post, Rebelle Society & Ecouterre. She edited the collaborative book, The Future Is Beautiful, coining the term Creative Activism and bringing together ideas and artwork from over two hundred contributors to inspire a brighter future. Amisha has spoken or facilitated workshops at events and festivals around the world such as TEDx Oxbridge, Sunday Papers Live & Burning Man.

Amisha has facilitated many yoga retreats, workshops, rituals, curated festivals & events and designed and held a community facilitation fellowship. She is the host of the globally acclaimed podcast The Future Is Beautiful.

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