From Me to We: a six week learning journey

We have a very exciting new learning journey coming up where we have invited some of our beloved guests from the podcast to come and share their wisdom on these questions of our time.

+ Full details and how to join is found here


The Themes

Week One: Dismantling New Age Spirituality 

  • What is New Age spirituality and why does it need dismantling?
  • How have our spiritual lives been co-opted by systems of power and separation including capitalism, colonisation, anthropocentrism, patriarchy and hyper-individualism?

Week Two: The Expanded We 

  • What happens when we move beyond polarity and anthropocentrism into a larger sense of We?
  • How do we embrace both the more than human world and those who have different beliefs to us in our understanding of who we are?

Week Three:  We Are All Entangled

  • How can we shift our understanding of karma from an individual to a collective embodied inquiry and practice?
  • How can collective karma actually invite more space for different belief systems and & diversity on the path?

Week Four:  Collective Dharma

  • How do we deepen our understanding of Dharma from an individual soul focus to a collective inquiry that honours and celebrates both our diversity and interconnectedness and calls for collective liberation and prosperity?
  • How can we dismantle our privilege and notions of white saviorism whilst still showing up for issues such as climate breakdown which have less impact where there is more wealth?

Week Five: Engaged Activism 

  • How can we redefine sacred activism for this moment and embrace the political, ecological and societal challenges within our understanding of and commitment to our spiritual practice?
  • What does community organising and activism look like when our sense of self is now so global and technological?

Week Six:  Embodying All That We Are 

  • How do we embody a spirituality of wholeness and innate worth as we live in the complexity of now?
  • What is all that we are?
+ Full details and how to join is found here


May 02 2022 - Jun 09 2022


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