‘all that we are’ Summer Solstice Weave

Come and be in community as we co-create this beautiful gathering, with others who have also been moved and inspired by what has been shared on the podcast over the years. This will be a non pretentious space for us to share our gifts with each other, share meals and be in held in the powerful embrace of nature. The programme will come from those who are attending, and what you want to offer, and we will offer also free and open time to simply enjoy conversations and walk across this beautiful land in Somerset. We will dance and weave together threads of presence and the future….

We know this has been a longing in so many of your hearts, and so we are so pleased that is is happening over the magic time of the Summer Solstice and on the sacred lands of Avalon.

Please fill in this form to express your interest (by the 28th April)

We have been offered an incredible opportunity to be at a very special place, and with a grant, we are able to pass on the benefits of a luxury retreat experience to you, at a very reduced rate. The retreat space is so beautiful, and the land we are going to be on is very special with places to sit around the fire, go wild swimming, gaze at the stars, wander through ancient woodlands, lakes and meadows, and much more. There are beautiful cosy and inspiring indoor spaces, as well as exploring the great outdoors and we hope that  good weather and sunshine will grace us as we come to midsummer.

We find retreats are a powerful experience of togetherness and transformation. Something happens when we gather with intention, and leave our worldly lives behind us. We hope you will leave nourished in so many ways and it will feed your inspiration and creativity.

Before we commit to this year’s weave, we have a statement of interest, as we are a small non profit, we want to make sure that you are able to join us.

Please fill in this form to express your interest (by the 28th April)

The Info:

Dates: Monday 20th June until Sunday 26th June. We ask that you come for the whole event so we can create a strong group field. Please fill in this form to express your interest (by the 28th April)

Where: Somerset, UK. A retreat centre set near Frome, nestled within 700 acres of ancient forrest, a variety of wild meadows, open fields and the source of four rivers, this land is magical. We will have the whole site to roam around and explore, enjoy sharing space together and arranging workshops and such in the different spaces. They have a working regenerative farm, and we will be eating on the land.

Food: We will eat three vegan delicious meals together each day, and this is included in your ticket. No need to bring anything.

Accommodation: There is a variety of accommodation available, including in an old farmhouse and converted barns, all beautifully decorated.

Schedule: This will be co-created which means if you want to offer a talk, concert, workshop, we will curate from the offerings. And no doubt we will put in a few surprises as well… We will also offer space, to connect with each other, the earth and the more than human world. We feel after the last couple of years we have all had this is important, so you can relax and weave. There will be yoga, meditation and dancing. You don’t have to offer anything into the programme, you are welcome to come and receive and participate.

Vibe: We will start the days with movement (yoga/dance), and then the afternoons will have talks/workshops and space to roam the land and enjoy the nature. Our evenings will be cosy, by the fire.

The Principles

Gift Culture: This will be at the heart of the event, we will be offering a few different ways for you to share your gifts with each other.

Community: Everyone who joins will be connected to ‘all that we are’. It will be a space of heartfulness, connection and inspiration.

Nature: We will be in this beautiful space where we can dance under the full moon, gaze at the stars, swim in the lake, rest under trees and adventure through the land hearing the whispers and opening into what’s possible for the soul and mind with nature connection.

Embodiment: We will dance, and practice yoga and other ways of getting into the body that the community wants to offer. This will be a daily part of the gathering.

Play: We want this to be a fun and playful experience. There will be one opportunity to come in a costume, or as we say fancy dress and bring out another part of yourself.

Space: We promise not to schedule every moment, so you have time to rest, enjoy the scenery, spend time with your friends and make new friends.

Nourishment: We value spaces where we can come together and have a shared experience and tap deeper into our connection to ourselves, each other and the earth. This strengthens us into a joyful resilience that can nourish and resource us.

Receiving: With so many gifts being shared in different ways, we invite you to receive. If you don’t feel you have something you wish to offer at this time, please come and receive all the offerings. Everyone is welcome with whatever you are currently holding. This is a space of healing and celebration.

Weaving: We are each weaving our threads in this tapestry of the future, some of it is seen and understood, some threads are so fine we don’t even see them but they create something. Weaving gives space to the subtle, to showing up without an agenda and being guided towards something beautiful. By coming together we weave our stories and our futures.

Hosted by ‘all that we are’

(formerly known as the future is beautiful.) We explore the weave between activism, the sacred, creativity and regeneration. The spaces where our inner and outer worlds dance. From healing trauma to nature connection to new technologies to ancient wisdom – it’s time for us to move beyond silos and into an integrated way of being. Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a more beautiful future. Despite the challenges we face as a global community or the pressures we meet in our daily lives, when we stop and dare to listen, to ask ourselves the big questions and to share what we are already doing and envisioning, we create the futures of our wildest dreams. And we begin to embody all that we are, all that we are becoming and all that is possible.

If you wish to join:

The price for this experience is £1100. Please fill in this form to express your interest (by the 28th April)


Jun 20 - 26 2022


All Day


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