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For Creative, Connected and Courageous Living

Our Membership

We have combined what used to be The Future Is Beautiful patrons and Presence Collective membership into one membership – of “all that we are.” This is the best way to support the work that we are doing AND you receive many benefits. 

For a small contribution, you can be part of our beautiful online world where we deepen the conversation and offer spaces of learning and practice. As a member you are a patron supporting the making of this show, and you receive a number of benefits such as special member only events, and discounts on all our courses, retreats and in person experiences. You will have membership to our app, and connect with inspiring humans through a social network to discuss the themes of the show away from the eyes of advertisers and the manipulation of big tech. Our membership is what makes us able to stay advertising free in a world that is always trying to sell us stuff we don’t need – and it is the very heart of all that we are.

In this time of paradigm shifts, so many of us are asking how we can best live a life of purpose, truth and contribution where we align our inner reality to the way that we show up in the world. 

How do we find the courage within, and inspire each other?

It’s not an easy journey, and one where there are no clear guidelines as we navigate living in systems that feel outdated and we long to be more connected to ourselves, each other and nature

Some of us have tried “fixing ourselves”, “changing the world”, “numbing it all out” – or a combination of the three and not quite found what we were hoping for.

It can be hard to know what action to take for our own wellbeing and to make an impact.

It’s a challenge to stay present to ourselves, and the ever evolving world we live in. 

Yet, Presence is the key

Presence allows us to show up in the moment with curiosity, radiance and openness as we embrace the mystery of this life and let our wisdom speak. 

This is for you if:

  • You are committed to living with your heart open (along with good healthy boundaries) despite all the fear we are constantly sold

  • You want to live a more connected life with more space for meditation and the things that you know are supportive to your wellbeing

  • You want to make a beautiful impact with your life and create a beautiful future

  • You are new to spiritual or sustainable lifestyles and want guidance you can trust OR you are tired or weary of the “new cage” spirituality and want something more grounded

  • You want to unlearn some of the constructs that keep you trapped in the old paradigm

  • You find that your life has cycles – sometimes things flow and sometimes you meet challenges despite all the ways in which you have grown

  • You need permission to be human and unashamed of the messiness and contradictions in your life

  • You want to live your life fully alive and awake – able to feel all the flavours of life

  • You want to open up your relationship with your intuition

  • You want community, guidance and support as you navigate the choices in your life

Support Us

Our membership is the heart of ‘all that we are’ 

Through your membership we are able to make the podcast and create our programmes and events. 

For Creative, Connected and Courageous Living.

Membership includes:

* Presence 101 Meditation Course – perfect for beginners or experienced meditators

* Rituals for Wellbeing – a guide to creating habits that support you

* A monthly theme with a video workshop, curation of practices, innovations and rituals, and recommendations

* The whole library of previous courses including Living with the Cycles of Life, Sacred Activism and Transforming Eco-Anxiety & Eco-Grief, Breath as LifeForce and Integration.

* A heart felt community from all over the world with monthly calls and an online group for everyone to connect

* A weekly contemplation question to strengthen your relationship with yourself

* A monthly tree whisper (not shared anywhere else) – these are beautiful poems and wisdom from nature

* a tree planted each month for you (and every member)

* extra gifts which include talks, meditations, yoga classes and more

Start the day with grounded presence, confidence and joy

Mornings set up your whole day. With this guided meditation you move though a process using ancient wisdom and scientifically proven processes that open up more love, synchronicity and flow into your day. You don’t need any experience, simply press play and be led through this by Amisha and then open your eyes to a beautiful day. 

Receive your free guided meditation

Bring a new lease of life and love into your day starting tomorrow…

We have set up our membership to be high value as we know that the “wellness” world can be exclusive, and this wisdom benefits everyone and then in turn the collective. If you are on the front lines of the pandemic such as nurses, hospital staff, supermarket staff and delivery people, you can have a whole year’s access for free to support you through this intense time. This is also available to refugees, those seeking asylum, single mothers and anyone else for whom £30 a month is out of the question. Simply fill in this form to set this up. And we also offer 20% off for all BIPOC – if you identify as black, brown, indigenous, of colour, please use the code REPRESENTATION.